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So who is Mama Shoshana?

Mama Shoshana is an energetic powerhouse of love and healing. For the last 35 years, she has provided support, guidance, education and a compassionate presence to our community who are living with challenging and significant illnesses and disabilities.

Through her work as a Jewish, interfaith hospice chaplain, an artist, and a large community events organizer, she has developed an overflowing collection of healing quilts and crafts and comfort foods from her own traditions and beyond.

This evolution of the Phoenixx has made Mama Shoshana’s Matzoh ball Palace and Quilt Emporium the beginning of her next dream, to combine her passions into one central place where personal and professional healers can get the essential Mama-ness of being cared for while caring for others.

Dedicated, proven and reliable resource for navigating the path of creative living and healing with an honoring of our disabilities and illness, Shoshana Phoenixx’s reputation and skill make every piece of art she creates a treasure forever.

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