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Thank you so much to all of you who have been crazy supportive!  I’m working on 3 commissioned quilts simultaneously right now, and I’m hanging a piece in my friend’s chiropractic office tomorrow.  (Major shout out to Dancy Chiropractic Group, San Leandro)

I’m super excited to be attending my first WordPress class tomorrow in Berkeley to make this blog and website more user friendly. I will be able to have a slideshow on my webpage, and understand how to communicate with the different groups of people who are interested in my work, whether it is commissioning a quiltfolks wanting to learn to sew/quilt, (my next student arrives Tuesday with a UFO, otherwise know as an UnFinished Object) or create a custom healing/weighted/ritual/gift quilt to mark an occasion, and those who just want to see my new designs.  Speaking of which.. I thought Id post Dr. Dancy’s office logo quilt here, but here is a nice astrology quilt photo in the meantime….til I figure out how, oh well, I’ll add it tomorrow…

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