I know it seems silly to still be saying this ironic statement.  Now that almost everyone under the age of 50 can’t function (Kant function?) without having this electronica attached to a ridiculously large number of areas of our lives.  Whew! Rant over. I’ve been trying to upgrade this website. Anyone can do it in 5 minutes ! Who are these people?  And I am not at all fearful of computers, but I have taken enough vacations from them (up to a year) that I am amazed at the level of challenge.  Ok, find the you tube video to learn from.. Ok find the you tube video that isn’t gong to try to sell me something from England for twenty minutes before giving me the info I need to know. Ok, I guess my rant wasn’t over.

Im taking a class on Wednesday to help me put the pieces together.  So far I have photos of over 100 of my quilts and special occasion crafts all ready on my Flikr site to show to you all.

Thank you all for your encouragement!

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